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Introducing the Lontar Digital Library System

The Lontar Digital Library (LDL) System runs on Ganesha 5.0, an open-source system developed in partnership with the Knowledge Management Research Group (KMRG), the group responsible for the development of the open-source Ganesha Digital Library system at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).Features of Ganesha 5.0 include:

  • A new-look, easy-to-use search interface
  • Integration with the Lontar digital collections to allow you to view items online where available
  • Integration with relevant information from other resources, such as Wikipedia, Freebase, and Goodreads, through the utilization of the Semantic Web
  • Links to a feedback form, allowing you to direct questions to the Lontar Librarian, and/or send us comments and suggestions about the Lontar Web pages
  • Ability to format citations and download citations to reference management software
  • Links to email to enable you to save details of Lontar materials for future reference
  • Ability to share information using social networking tools such as Facebook, Delicious and Twitter
The Library System offers users the choice of a standard and an advanced search option. You can do a standard search at any time by entering search terms in the search box located on the left panel of every page. A link to the advanced search is provided under the standard search box. By default, both searches sort results by "relevance", items that most closely match your search terms will appear in the first page of results. You can also sort results by Date, Author or Title. If you find something odd or unexpected in your search results, please use the “Ask a Librarian / Feedback” link to let us know.

Standard search

Searching for words anywhere in a record
Simply enter one or more search terms into the search box and click “Search”

Searching for a phrase
To search for a phrase, surround it using double quotes (“..”) and click “Search”

Advanced Search

The standard search is designed to provide effective search results and most users may not need to use the advanced search. However, advanced search will allow you to construct more specific searches by allowing you to:
  • Limit a search to a specific collection
  • Limit search words to specific parts of a record, eg words in the title, author, or subject
  • Limit to item type, eg book, photograph, etc
Limit to a specific collection by selecting from the collection menu above the search boxes. In the example below the Book collection has been selected for searching

Limit a search to words in specific parts of a record by selecting from the drop-down menu next to each search box.

Use the and/or connector options available from the drop-down menu next to each search box to further narrow your search.

Specifying search terms or phrases

Within each search box you can further define a search by using the connectors and / or, specifying search terms as a phrase, or using truncation in order to find variant endings on a word.
Search requirementsSearch command
Two or more words or phrases are known to occur in the same field Use AND between search terms or phrases.
Required item(s) have at least one of the search terms in the same field Use OR between search terms or phrases
Searching for an item using a phrase, where the words must occur together and in the order entered Enter the phrase between quotation marks
Searching using words that may have different word endings Enter the common part of the word then replace any possible endings with *.
Example: Searching tradition* will retrieve items with tradition, traditions, traditional, traditionally

Requesting an Item

The Lontar Digital Library's aim is to make the collections accessible to as wide an audience as possible. A wide range of material held in the collections is available for download (see the Lontar Foundation Privacy Policy for more information). These include photographic images, short audio and video clips, articles, and book sections. The Digital Library system supports a variety of video and audio formats. Examples of these include:

  • MP4, MPEG, Ogg, Vorbis and WMA for audio
  • MPEG, MP4, OGG, Quicktime and WMV for video
  • Giff, JPEG, TIFF and for images

Access to the print collections is also available. The Lontar Foundation Library is open to the public Monday - Friday from 10:00-16:00, except on public holidays, and is available to students, researchers and anyone interested in the literature and culture of Indonesia. The Library's collections can be read and used for research on site without charge. Additional services of photocopying and image scanning, either on-site or by written request, are available at cost for equipment supplies and delivery.

The Library is open to the public Monday - Friday from 10:00-16:00, except on public holidays The Lontar Foundation is located at Jl. Danau Laut Tawar No 53 Pejompongan, Jakarta 10210 Indonesia

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We can be contacted by

 Phone: +62 21 574 6880
 Fax: +62 21 572 0353
 Email [email protected]

Research enquiries concerning the collection may also be made via the Ask A Librarian / Feedback link on the Lontar Digital Library web page


The Lontar Digital Library system makes it easy to reference records using standard citation formats, guaranteed persistent identifiers and a variety of file export formats. To access these features, click the Cite / Export link listed in the menu above the record display.

Copy a Citation

Click the Cite/Export link and a pop-up window will display the record information in APA, MLA and Wikipedia citation styles. Highlight and copy the citation you need and paste it into a word-processor document or e-mail. Make sure that none of the citation's text formatting has been lost in the process.

Add to List

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Ask A Librarian / Feedback

Use the “Ask a Librarian / Feedback” link to ask for research assistance or provide us with your suggestions on how we can improve the Lontar website.