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Putu Wijaya's novel Telegram, published in 1973, has been heralded as a milestone in Indonesian fiction and as a trendsetter in its synthesis of reality and fantasy. Its first-person narrator is a Balinese journalist living in Jakarta with his adopted daughter. Early on he receives a telegram passing on word that his mother is seriously ill. But nothing is as it seems in Telegram. As readers are brought in to the stream of consciousness meanderings of this sympathetic yet troubled and thoroughly unreliable narrator, what is real and what is not becomes increasingly difficult to unravel.

Creator / Author:  Putu Wijaya

Translator:  Stephen J. Epstein   

ISBN: 9789798083945

Created: 2011

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National Library of Australia5232981
LC Control Number2011318937
Library Thing7638796
Open Library BookOL16015696W
Open Library Book EditionOL24919232M


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