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Marah Rusli

Marah Roesli ([ˈmarah ˈrusli]; full name: Marah Rusli bin Abu Bakar)was an Indonesian writer.

Marah Roesli was born in Padang, West Sumatra on August 7, 1889, and died in Bandung, West Java on January 17, 1968. He was one of the most well-known Indonesian author from the Balai Pustaka period. He is famous for his novel, Sitti Nurbaya, which tells the story of a teenage girl who was forced to marry a man much older than herself to recompense his father's debt. Like other Minangkabau authors, such as Hamka, Ali Akbar Navis, and Abdul Muis, his novels central on the theme of the increasingly bancrupt Minangkabau culture.

Marah Roesli's father, Sultan Abu Bakar, was a nobleman with the rank Sultan Pangeran. Against his family's wishes, Marah Roesli married a Sundanese woman born in Bogor in 1911, and they had three children, two boys and one girl. Although this marriage was strongly abhored by his parents, he did not give it up...

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Gender : male

Date of Birth : 1889-08-07

Birth Place : Padang, West Sumatera

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