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Yusuf Bilyarta Mangunwijaya

Yusuf Bilyarta Mangunwijaya (Ambarawa, Central Java, May 6, 1929 - Jakarta February 10, 1999), was an Indonesian architect, writer, and Catholic religious leader. He was popularly known as Romo Mangun (Father Mangun).

Romo Mangun was the son of Yulianus Sumadi and Serafin Kamdaniyah.[3] At the age of sixteen, he joined the People's Security Army during the Indonesian National Revolution and was shocked by the way the troops treated the villagers. In 1950, upon hearing a speech about the harmful effects of the revolution on civilians by one of the commanders, Major Isman, he decided to serve as a priest. He was ordained in 1959, while studying philosophy and theology at the "Institut Sancti Pauli" in Yogyakarta. He continued to study architecture in Aachen, Germany, and at the Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies in Aspen, Colorado...

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Gender : male

Date of Birth : 1929-05-06

Birth Place : Ambarawa, Central Java

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