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Raden Antasena is the eldest son of Wrekudara. His mother is Dewi Nagagini, the daughter of Hyang Antaboga, the snake-king of Saptapratala. Antasena (or, as he is sometimes called, Antareja) is considered semi-divine and can both live underground and fly through the air. However, he usually resides underground and only appears on earth when necessary.

The magical power of Antasena is even greater than that of his father, Wrekudara. He can turn himself into a deadly poisonous snake. He needs only to lick an enemy’s footprint to kill him. It happens that Antasena is deceived by Sri Kresna into licking his own footprint, thereby unwittingly killing himsel. Kresna’s intention is to eliminate Antasena from the coming Baratayuda because he has no equal.

Raden Antasena has telengan eyes, a broad, bulbous nose and a moustache and beard. His hair flows down his back. He wears a diadem with the garuda ornament in back; he wears the sekar kluwih flower ear ornaments and the bulan sabit necklace. He wears bracelets, anklets and armbands. He wears the katongan loincloth over woven silk (cinde) trousers.

(Sumber: Sejarah Wayang Purwa. Hardjowirogo. Jakarta: Perpustakaan Perguruan Kementerian P.P. dan K., 1955)

Publisher: Lontar Foundation;

Created: 2014

Source Rights: Ki Purbo Asmoro

Manuscript Code: LF-Antasena-1.kl_P5039528.jpg

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