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Toeti Heraty

Toeti Heraty (Toeti Heraty Noerhadi-Roosseno) is an Indonesian poet. Toeti Heraty was born in Bandung, West Java on November 27, 1933. Following her family tradition, she pursued medicine at the University of Indonesia (UI) from 1951 until 1955. Then she took an advanced degree in psychology in 1962 and wrote her thesis on Simone de Beauvoir. At Leiden University, Netherlands she took her degree in Philosophy and produced a dissertation on "The I/Ego in Culture" or "Aku Dalam Budaya". Heraty completed her doctorate in philosophy at the University of Indonesia in 1979 with a thesis on "The Self and Culture"...

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Gender : female

Date of Birth : 1933-11-27

Birth Place : Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

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