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Wayang Babad

This a short version of performance traditional Wayang Babad. This form of wayang kulit, originating from Bali in the 1980s, was popularized by puppeteer I Ketut Klinik from Sukawati. Using local content, wayang babad tells the story of Gajah Mada’s journey to Bali as his realization of his pact, known as the Palapa Pact, in his plan to take over Bali. The structure in which these performances are presented follows the pattern and construction of classical Parwa and Ramayana wayang performances, which consist of pemungkah (opening) pengundem (crucial encounter), angkat-angkatan (actions), pesiat (battle scenes) and the ending. This art combines romantic, funny, as well as serious stories. The accompanying is produced by Semara Pegulingan gamelan instruments.

This film is short version of performance tradition wayang Babad filmed at Bali, Indonesia, as part of the 'On the Record: Indonesian Performance Tradition" series which features interview with the artists of performance tradition. This series consists of raw documentary footage of each region’s oral traditions, mostly in the local language/dialect. A few films have some narration in Indonesian. Lontar has documented 30 performances around Indonesia.

Creator / Author:  Ketut Klinik

Publisher: Lontar Foundation

Place of Publication: Jakarta

Publisher URL:

Created: 1999

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