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Budi Darma

Budi Darma, BA, MA, Prof. Emeritus (born April 25, 1937 in Rembang, Central Java, Indonesia) is often described as one of Indonesia's most influential writers.

Budi Darma is the fourth of six children, all male. During his childhood and teens, Budi and his family lived in a number of different cities in Java, including Yogyakarta, Bandung and Semarang, due to the nature of his father's position in the postal service. His schooling reflected his family's nomadic existence. Budi's attended elementary school in Kudus, junior high in Salatiga, and high school in Semarang, graduating from there in 1957. He then studied at the English Literature Department, Faculy of Letters, University of Gadjah Mada. After graduating in 1963, Budi moved to Iowa for the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa. In 1970, he received a scholarship from the East-West Center to study humanities at the University of Hawaii, before graduating with an MA from Indiana University Bloomington in 1976.

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Gender : male

Date of Birth : 25 April 1937

Birth Place : Rembang

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