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Golden Letters: Writing Traditions of Indonesia Surat Emas: Budaya Tulis di Indonesia

This bilingual English-Indonesian catalogue is the first book ever to offer a comprehensive look at the writing traditions of Indonesia. Lavishly illustrated, this book contains reproductions of letters and other written works in more than 10 different scripts.

Creator / Author:  Annabel T. Gallop   Bernard Arps    

Publisher: Lontar Foundation

Place of Publication: Jakarta

Publisher URL:

Publisher: British Library

Place of Publication: London

Publisher URL:

ISBN: 979-8083-06-7

Created: 2012

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Lontar Digital Libraryjkpklontar-ldl-201204
National Library of Australia349788
Freebase Book9789798083068
LC Control Number91945194
Open Library BookOL2956856W


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