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Walking Westward in the Morning: Seven Contemporary Indonesian Poets

This collection of poems by seven of Indonesia's leading poets was published in conjunction with the 1990 South Bank Festival of Indonesia. Containing poems by seven of Indonesia's leading poets, this book is a true reflection of the myriad mix of cultures that forms Indonesia. What binds the writers and their poems together is the writers' willingness to deal with, not distance themselves from, problems affecting not only themselves, but also their nation and their fellow man.

Creator / Author:  Sapardi Djoko Damono   Subagio Sastrowardojo   Toeti Heraty   Linus Suryadi AG   Arifin C. Noer   Taufiq Ismail   Eka Budianta 

Translator:  John H. McGlynn   E. U. Kratz    

ISBN: 9798083032

Created: 1990

Credit Statement: Authors: Sapardi Djoko Damono, Subagio Sastrowardojo, Toeti Heraty, Linus Suryadi, Arifin C. Noer, Taufiq Ismail and Eka Budianta. Editors: John H. McGlynn, E.U. Kratz. Translators: John H. McGlynn, E.U. Kratz. Introduction: Muhammad Haji Salleh

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