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A Time, A Season

The voices, the rhythms, the images, and colors, the intimacy and subtlety of Toeti's writing makes it seems so familiar that you feel you've lived through everything she writes until you realize how much you've learned from her. A bilingual selection of one of Indonesia's favourite poets, with color illustrations.

Creator / Author:  Toeti Heraty    

Translator:  John H. McGlynn    

ISBN: 9798083512

Created: 2003

Credit Statement: A time, a season : selected poems of Toeti Heraty / translated by John H. McGlynn ; with a foreword by Aamer Hussein.

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National Library of Australia3096848
LC Control Number2003712043
Open Library BookOL3223286W/A_time_a_season
Open Library Book EditionOL3288144M


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