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Morphology of desire

Recipient of numerous literary awards, including Khatulistiwa Literary Award and Cempaka Award, Dorothea Rosa Herliany’s Morphology of Desire uses a distinctive mix of striking imagery and boldness of voice to set out and destroy many of the common assumptions about everyday life and human relationships. Her blatant departure, in form as well as content, from the accepted conventions of society (which intensifies through the progression of her work) is remarkable, not only in its personal and political ramifications, but also in its emotional and imaginative tenor. The book will speak to readers who are interested in women’s writing, Indonesia, and poetry in general.

Creator / Author:  Dorothea Rosa Herliany    

Translator:  Harry Aveling    

Publisher: Lontar Foundation

Place of Publication: Jakarta

Publisher URL:

ISBN: 978-602-9144-30-7

Created: 2014


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