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Janaka Sunda

This is a short version of performance traditional Janaka Sunda. Janaka Sunda is a type of popular performance art from West Java. It is a form of musical comedy, expressed through comical gestures, and songs sung in simple rhymes in conjunction with kecapi (zither) instrumentation and occasional funny conversations. At one point it was very popular in the highlands of Lelakingan (1960s and 1970s), especially in the Bandung area. At that time, two performers, Mang Utun and Mang Dekok, stood out in popularity so much that people refered to their troupes by their names rather than by the original names of the troupes.

This film is short version of performance tradition Janaka Sunda filmed at Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, as part of the 'On the Record: Indonesian Performance Tradition" series which features interview with the artists of performance tradition. This series consists of raw documentary footage of each region’s oral traditions, mostly in the local language/dialect. A few films have some narration in Indonesian. Lontar has documented 30 performances around Indonesia.

Creator / Author:  Mang Utun; Mang Dekok

Publisher: Lontar Foundation

Place of Publication: Jakarta

Publisher URL:

Created: 1999

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