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Antologi Drama Indonesia, Jilid 1 (1895-1930)

Antologi Drama Indonesia, a four-volume anthology, is the most comprehensive collection of plays ever published in Indonesian. Volume 1 in this anthology includes examples from the diverse genres that make up Indonesian popular theater: komedi stambul, a form of musical theater initially dedicated to the Arabian Nights; opera derma or Chinese-Indonesian "charity opera"; and tonil, theatre in the mold of European realist social drama.

Creator / Author:  Andjar Asmara   F. Wiggers   H Krafft   Kwee Tek Hoay   Lie Kim Hok   Oen Tjhing Tiauw   Rustam Effendi 

ISBN: 979-99858-2-x

Created: 2006

Credit Statement: Antologi Drama Indonesia, Jilid 1 (1895-1930)

Authors: H. Krafft, F. Wiggers, Kwee Tek Hoay, Lie Kom Hok, Rustam effendi, Oen Tjhing Tiauw, Andjar Asmara. Editorial Board: John H. McGlynn (chief), Melani Budianta, Sapardi Djoko Damono, Nirwan Dewanto, Goenawan Mohamad, Adila Suwarmo Soepeno. Advisory Board: Michael H. Bodden, Matthew Isaac Cohen, Cobina Gillit, Ibnu Wahyudi. Introduction by Sapardi Djoko Damono

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