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Agam Wispi

Agam Wispi, the poet, was born in Pangkalan Susu, North Sumatera in 1930. He was influenced by his father, who was associated with Gezaksa, one of the most well-known theater troupes prior to World War II. Wispi began his writing career with the poem Merdeka Bernoda (Stained Freedom) which was published in the Kerakyatan, a daily newspaper in Medan.[1] He went on to work at the Kerakyatan as a journalist and cultural editor. It was while working for the Kerakyatan that he was introduced to the progressive ideas of the People's Cultural Organization, the LEKRA, which gradually influenced his writing. He became a formal member and manager at LEKRA in 1959. The LEKRA works "Dinasti 650 Juta" (1961) and "Yang Tak Terbungkamkan" (1961) include several of his poems. Wispi believed his fate had been largely shaped by poetry, citing as evidence the publication of his first poem by Kerakyatan, and the significant role a later poem, about Badbo Bay, Vietnam, played in determining his fate.[1] During the later years, he was also inspired by Ho Chi Minh, whom he met in Hanoi when he was in Vietnam in 1965...

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Gender : male

Date of Birth : 31 Desember 1930

Birth Place : Pangkalan Susu, North Sumatera

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