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Hanny Saputra

Hanny R. Saputra (11 May 1965) is an Indonesian director. One of his films, Under the Protection of Ka'Bah, was Indonesia's submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in the 84th Academy Awards.

Saputra was born in Salatiga, Central Java on 11 May 1965. As a child he enjoyed watching movies, and in 1985 he enroled in the Jakarta Art Institute to learn filmmaking.

In 1997 he made his directorial debut with the television film Sepanjang Jalan Kenangan (Along Memory Lane), which was not picked up by any stations as it was considered too idealistic.[1] He released his first feature film, Tato, in 2002.[2] After input from senior filmmakers Leo Sutanto and Lo Fen Koei, he began to focus more on commercially viable films, releasing Virgin two years late..

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Gender : male

Date of Birth : 11 May 1965

Birth Place : Salatiga

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