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Betara Narada (also known as Kanekaputra), the son of Hyang Darmajaka, has a magnificent appearance and is magically powerful. In order to add to his power, he meditates by sitting motionless on the surface of the sea. In his right hand he grasps the sacred amulet cepuk linggamanik [a kind of small jewelry box], which he never lets out of his hand.
Betara Guru learns of Betara Kanekaputra’s pretensions to power and fears that his own reign will be threatened. So he orders the gods to prevent Kanekaputra from achieving his wishes by giving them all manner of magic weapons. But the weapons prove to be useless; Betara Kanekaputra’s meditation is undisturbed and he remains motionless. Betara Guru himself goes to se Betara Kanekaputra. The two exchange sacred knowledge [ilmu] and Betara Guru proves to be inferior in his command of mystical teachings. Betara Guru thus feels inferior in age as well and he calls Kanekaputra “kakang” [older brother]. Betara Guru brings Betara Kanekaputra back to his palace and puts him in charge of all the gonds in Jonggringsalaka [the palace of the gods].

It happens once that Betara Guru becomes enraged at Betara Kanekaputra and he curses him by changing him into an ugly old man; his name is then changed to Narada.
Betara Narada has kriyipan eyes, an up-turned, large, flat nose, a gaping mouth revealing his teeth, a moustache and a crown in the topong shape with the garuda ornament in back. He wears the rapekan loincloth. He bears a kris [magical dagger] in the ladrang form. He wears shoes.

Penerbit: Lontar Foundation;

Dibuat: 2014

_SOURCEORIGIN: Ki Purbo Asmoro

Manuscript Code: LF-Narada.sm_P5123681.jpg

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