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Kwee Tek Hoay

Kwee Tek Hoay, born on 31 July 1886, is an Indonesian Malay Chinese writer of novels and drama, and a journalist. He died at the age of 65 years on 4 July 1951. He is known as "KTH" in literary circles.
Kwee Tek Hoay, the youngest son of Tjiam Kwee Hong and Tan Ay Nio, often played truant during his early school years because the language of instruction, Hokkien, was incomprehensible to him. He started learning the textile business from his father, and during this period began taking interest in reading books. Kwee began his writing career as a journalist. He served on the editorial board for magazines and newspapers, such as Ho Po Li Po (Bogor), and Sin Po (Batavia, Jakarta)...

Gender : male

Date of Birth : 31 Juli 1886

Birth Place : Bogor

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