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Ajip Rosidi

Ajip Rosidi, born on 31 January 1938, in Jatiwangi, Majalengka, West Java, is an Indonesian poet and short story writer. As of 1983 he has published 326 works in 22 different magazines.

Ajip Rosidi is a prominent literary figure, writer, humanist, lecturer, founder and chairman of the "Cultural Foundation Rancage". He is also known as the "spokesman" who can convey about the literature and culture of Indonesia to the outside world. Although he did not graduate, he attended the School of the People, Jatiwangi, in 1950; District VIII Junior High School Jakarta in 1953; and Parks Associate, Student Park Jakarta in 1956. He began his literary career since the age of fourteen years. Since 1952, his works began to appear in magazines such as "Indonesia", "Indonesia Pulpit", "Arena/Ploy", "Confrontation" and "Zenith Platform"

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Gender : male

Date of Birth : 31 Januari 1938

Birth Place : Jatiwangi, Majalengka, Jawa Barat

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