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Dahyang Durna in his youth is known as Bambang Kumbayana and is a handsome and powerful nobleman from the country of Atasangin.

Durna later is chosen to serve the King of Astina, prabu Suyudana as court priest and teacher (guru) to all the Kurawas and Pandawas. As their teacher he is extremely wise and insightful. His most devoted student is Wrekudara. It looks as if Durna has deceived the gullible Wrekudara when he orders him to dive to the bottom of the sea in order to find the secret of life. But Durna’s attempt to get rid of the powerful Pandawa warrior turns out to have the opposite effect for Wrekudara eventually is able to confront his own god, Dewi Ruci, who reveals to him the true knowledge of perfection.

In the Baratayuda Drustajumna stabs Durna with a keris which had been infused with the spirit of Prabu Palgunadi as revenge for Durna’s cruelty.

Dahyang Durna has kriyipan [blinking] eyes and a mungkal gerang nose (shaped like a whetstone). His lips are curled back to reveal his gums. His chin is distorted as if dried up with age, and he sports a beard. His hair is worn in a topknot. He wears the rapekan dress typical of a priest. Only his rear arm is capable of movement; the other a string of prayer beads. He wears woven silk (sinde) breeches and shoes.

(Sumber: Sejarah Wayang Purwa. Hardjowirogo. Jakarta: Perpustakaan Perguruan Kementerian P.P. dan K., 1955)

Publisher: Lontar Foundation;

Created: 2014

Source Rights: Ki Purbo Asmoro

Manuscript Code: LF-Durna.ks_P5112985.jpg

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