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The Garebeg Procession in Surakarta

This postcard depicts another garebeg, this one leaving the palace of Surakarta. The procession is held during one of the three major annual Moslem festivals: Idul Fitri, at the end of the fasting month; Idul Adha, the feast of the sacrifice; or the Maulud, Mohammed's birthday. The offerings in the form of "food mountains" follow the King or Sunan and the Resident, who have led the procession from the palace-at the rear of the picture-north to the Royal Mosque, near the city square. Pakubuwana X, the ruler seen here, reigned in Surakarta from 1893 until 1939. This postcard, produced in Surakarta by the Vogel v.d. Heijde Company, was sent in 1914 to Antwerp, Belgium

Penerbit: Vogel v.d. Heijde Company

Dibuat: 2012

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