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Adipati Karna is the son of Dewi Kunti, daughter of King Kuntiboja of Madura. In his youth he is known as Suryaputra. As the first-born of Kunti’s sons, Karna is considered the eldest brother of the five Pandawas. As a young man his face is remarkably similar to Pamade’s.

Karna is a supernaturally powerful warrior; he possesses the magic weapon Kyai Kunta Wijayadanu. During the Baratayuda, Karna battles with his half-brother Arjuna. Karna dies a noble warrior’s death on the battlefield. Karna’s death is commonly viewed as exemplary because he dies in the service of his country–loyal unto death, he is not deterred by having to fight his own brother. The Prince Mangkunegara IV of Surakarta used the example of Karna as the theme of his book Tripama which was intended for the education of the royal troops, but has become beloved of the general public as well.

Adipati Karna has jaitan eyes, a pointed nose and an upturned head. He wears a conical crown as well as a three-tiered diadem with the garuda ornament in back, and sekar kluwih ear ornaments. He wears the praba shoulder ornament as well as bracelets, anklets and armbands. He wears the bokongan raton dress.

(Sumber: Sejarah Wayang Purwa. Hardjowirogo. Jakarta: Perpustakaan Perguruan Kementerian P.P. dan K., 1955)

Publisher: Lontar Foundation;

Created: 2014

Source Rights: Ki Purbo Asmoro

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