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Afrizal Malna

Afrizal Malna (born 7 June 1957 in Jakarta, Indonesia), is an Indonesian activist, writer of prose, poetry, and theatrical texts.
Afrizal Malna before beginning his career into writing, studied at the Driyakara College of Philosophy. His poems are predominantly an expression of material aspects in urban existence. Taking images from daily life, Malna juxtaposes them to bring forth the noise and chaos of our existence today. He is fond of seeking connections among different objects in his poems, which he describes as "visual grammar of things". In 1995, Afrizal Malna participated in the International Poets Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He is also a featured poet on the Poetry International Web. His poetry collection Teman-Temanku dari Atap Bahasa (My Friends from the Roof of Language), published in 2008 was chosen as the best literary work of 2009 by the Indonesian news magazine Tempo. He is associated with a number of magazines, such as Horizon, Kompas Daily, News Buana, Republic, Rule of the People, Java Post, Surabaya Post, and Mind of Representatives.

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Gender : male

Date of Birth : 7 Juni 1957

Birth Place : Jakarta

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