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Prabu Sentanu is the King of Astina before the era of the Pandawas. He is originally a hermit-priest from the country of Talkanda with the title of Resi. Prabu Sentanu is irritable and easily enraged. While he is still a hermit in Talkanda his wife dies leaving him an infant son, Dewabrata. Resi Sentanu leaves Talkanda to look for a wet nurse for his son claiming that he cannot find a woman sufficiently strong to suckle his child. In fact he goes abroad with the secret desire to find an enemy in battle.

When he arrives in Astina, Prabu Palasara’s queen, Dewi Durgandini, agrees to nurse the infant for she herself has just given birth to Abiyasa. Sentanu demands quite forcefully that Dewi Durgandini be given him as his bride. With the permission of the gods his request is honored, whereupon he rules as the King of Astina. When we look at this turn of events we are tempted to say that the gods’ order is unjust, but Palasara readily and inner feelings that a proper monarch must exhibit though it is a difficult matter for the average person who views things from a worldly perspective to comprehend.

Prabu Sentanu has kedondongan eyes, a refined nose and mouth, and moustache and beard. He wears the topong crown, the three-tiered diadem with the garuda ornament in back, waderan ear ornaments and the praba. His ceremonial dress is the bokongan raton.

Publisher: Lontar Foundation;

Created: 2014

Source Rights: Purbo Asmoro

Manuscript Code: LF-Sentanu.kl_P5092099.jpg

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