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This a short version of performance traditional Cepung. Cepung is a performance of lontar (scripts written on lontar leaves) reading done in the Sasak language in the form of macapatan accompanied by rebab and flute music. On the island of Lombok, it is called cepung (literally meaning dragonfly), while in Bali it is known as cakepung. Following the opening poem reading (pengaksama), an all-night performance of solo lontar reading is performed in combination with cepungan percussion, dialogues and jokes. Each member of any group of cepung performers can carry out any functions required for the performance: lontar reader, flute player and rebab player, as well as dancing (2 dancers). All of the performed sing.

This film is short version of performance tradition Cepung filmed at Lombok Barat, West Nusa Tenggara , Indonesia, as part of the 'On the Record: Indonesian Performance Tradition" series which features interview with the artists of performance tradition. This series consists of raw documentary footage of each region’s oral traditions, mostly in the local language/dialect. A few films have some narration in Indonesian. Lontar has documented 30 performances around Indonesia.

Publisher: Lontar Foundation

Place of Publication: Jakarta

Publisher URL:

Created: 1999

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