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Bratasena is the second of the Pandawas, the sons of Pandu. He has several other names, including Bima and Bayusuta (as the adopted son of the wind-god, Bayu). In his maturity he is known as Wrekudara and he reigns in Jodipati as a warrior-king.

Bratasena never uses the polite vocabulary of courtesy [basa krama] with anyone, not even the gods. Only once in his life does he use basa krama: in his meeting with Dewa Ruci, a miniature god whom he considers his own true god. However, his words, though coarse, are always full of wisdom. He never lies. Because of the purity of his should he rarely encounters misfortune.

Raden Bratasena has telengan eyes and a large and slightly bulbous nose. He has a moustache and beard and a poultice on his forehead. His hair flows down his back tied only with the garuda ornament in back. He wears the waderan ear ornaments and the crescent-shaped bulan sabit chest ornament. He wears candrakirana bracelets as well as anklets and armbands. He has long, razorsharp thumbnails (kuku pancanaka) which serve as his magically charged weapons. He wears short pants.

(Sumber: Sejarah Wayang Purwa. Hardjowirogo. Jakarta: Perpustakaan Perguruan Kementerian P.P. dan K., 1955)

Publisher: Lontar Foundation;

Created: 2014

Source Rights: Ki Purbo Asmoro

Manuscript Code: LF-Bratasena.kl_P5039272.jpg

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