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Rama's Crown = Makutharama: texts of a wayang kulit tale performed in three dramatic styles

The world has been struck by multiple natural disasters (earthquakes, land slides, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis), causing great suffering for the common people. Various corrupt officials are taking advantage of the situation, and things are getting worse. Arjuna, the princely hero from the Pandhawa family, has vowed to do something to help. His advisor Semar tells him about a gift of inspired leadership that the gods are planning to hand down to a worthy mortal—the legendary King Rama's philosophy of leadership from generations past. The antagonists, the family of Kurawa brothers also struggles for possession of the god’s boon. As the story unfolds, it includes numerous secondary plots about characters from Ramayana: Wibisana, Kumbakarna, and Dasamuka. They have yet to have peace in eternity and are still working out their destiny. Finally, Arjuna meets with an ascetic up in the mountains, and receives the philosophy of inspired leadership, which will lead to a more peaceful future.

Creator / Author:  Purbo Asmoro    

Translator:  Kathryn Emerson    

ISBN: 978-979-8083-97-6

Created: 2013

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LC Control Number2013351096


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