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Prabu Kresnadipayana (Abiyasa) is the son of prabu Palasara–the king of Astina in the era preceding the Pandawas–and he succeeds his father as King of Astina. Prabu Abiyasa is an extremely wise and beloved king, just and affectionate to his subjects and faithful to the rules of proper kingship. After he has ruled for a number of years he becomes a raja-pendeta [king-priest] (a king who renounces his throne to become a hermit-priest) with the title Begawan Abiyasa. His hermitage is on the mountain Retawu (Sapta-rengga). During his reign in Astina he is also known as Prabu Kresnadipayana.
He leaves this transitory world for the eternal world beyond in the perfect way of a holy man: prepared in body and soul he is carried away in a radiant chariot by the gods themselves.
Prabu Kresnadipayana has jaitan eyes, a pointed nose and a beard. He wears a crown, a three-tiered diadem with the garuda ornament in back and the praba. He wears the bokongan kerajaan dress as well as shoes.
Begawan Abiyasa–that is, Prabu Kresnadipayana after he retires to the priesthood–wears a turban, the ends of which hang down in back, a diadem with the garuda in back, sekar kluwih ear ornaments, a jacket and slendang and shoes. He wears the rapekan dress of a priest.
Just before he dies, begawan Abiyasa accompanied by his family makes a tour of the kingdom and views with sadness the total devastation that the Baratayuda has wrought. When Abiyasa sees the remains of the battlefield he orders that it be restored to its former state; where he sees individuals suffering he orders that they be relieved of their misery; where he notices that no memorial offering has been made for the soul of Pendeta Durna, he order them to make it with the reminder that Pendeta Durna had been the guru of both the Pandawas and the Kurawas, although he had fought with the Kurawas. The Pandawas obey his orders. The tour of the battlefield is emotionally wrenching for them all.
Sang Begawan lives to a ripe old age and is blessed with a great-greatgrandchild–Raden Parikesit–before he dies. When Raden Parikesit accedes eventually to the throne of Astina he takes the name of his great-greatgrandfather, Prabu Kresnadipayana, a traditional custom among Javanese

Publisher: Lontar Foundation;

Created: 2014

Source Rights: Ki Purbo Asmoro

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