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Prabu Palgunadi

Prabu Palgunadi is a king in the land of Paranggelung and a disciple of the priest, Pandita Durna. He is extremely sakti (possessing supernatural power) and when he shoots his arrow it never veers from it mark. palgunadi studies with Durna, but Durna favors his other pupil, Raden Arjuna and pays little attention to Palgunadi. So Palgunadi is forced to study by himself, but he always acknowledges Pandita Durna as his only teacher. He practices archery by placing a picture of his guru beside him, and eventually he grows in ability and even surpasses the skill of Arjuna.

This makes Arjuna very jealous and he demands of Durna that he teach him how to better Palgunadi at archery. At first Durna is hesitant to treat his former pupil dishonestly. Then he calls Palgunadi to come before him and he cuts off the latter’s right index finger, which will render him incompetent at archery. But as the finger is chopped off, Palgunadi instantly dies with a curse on his lips that he will have revenge upon Arjuna in the coming Baratayuda.
Palgunadi’s finger with its bejeweled ring, Sotya Ampal, is attached to Arjuna’s right hand. From that moment the finger is inseparable from his hand, and Arjuna thereafter has two index fingers [siwil]. thus Prabu kresna sometimes calls arjuna by this nickname, “Si Siwil.”

If we analyses the story of palgunadi, we must conclude that pandita Durna acts unfairly, by favoring one pupil over another. As a true kesateria, Palgunadi is willing to give up his life rather than shame himself, and he will have his revenge in the future.

Palgunadi has jaitan eyes, a pointed nose and a handsome face which is normally painted gold. He wears the kadal menek hair knot, a diadem, the waderan ear ornaments and the praba shoulder ornament. He wears the ulur-ulur necklace as well as bracelets, armbands and anklets. He wears the bokongan raton batik dress.

Penerbit: Lontar Foundation;

Dibuat: 2014

_SOURCEORIGIN: Ki Purbo Asmoro

Manuscript Code: LF-Palgunadi.kl_P5050294.jpg

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