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Perkolong-kolong, a form of art that combines dancing, music and singing, originates from Brastagi Regency, North Sumatra. Perkolong-kolong is a performance art often hired by the people for traditional Batak Karo wedding ceremonies. The dancers are also singers, and each group consists of two male and two female performers.

The signature of Perkolong-kolong is its use of two or three percussive instruments very small in size, one kecapi, one gong and a flute.

The lyrics sung by the dancers contain words of advice, information that the public needs to know, and elements of moral education. Nowadays, the musical accompniment of Perkolong-kolong is dominated by the keyboard, which replaces the traditional instruments, while the original composition and traditional arrangements are retained. Some contemporary Perkolong-kolong groups even use dangdut music to fulfill public demand.

Publisher: Lontar Foundation;

Created: 1999

Source Rights: Lontar Foundation

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