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Dade Ndate

This is a short version of performance tradition Dade Ndate. Dade Ndate is a vocal tradition of the Kaili people in Central Sulawesi. It is a form of art that uses unprompted singing and rhyming. The singing and rhyming are accompanied by gambus music played by men and women who also function as singers. This performance can be carried out at various rituals: circumcisions, weddings, or religious celebrations. The singers can chant rhymes all night long.

This film is short version of performance tradition Dade Ndate filmed at Donggala, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, as part of the 'On the Record: Indonesian Performance Tradition" series which features interview with the artists of performance tradition. This series consists of raw documentary footage of each region’s oral traditions, mostly in the local language/dialect. A few films have some narration in Indonesian. Lontar has documented 30 performances around Indonesia.

Creator / Author:  Lagompuyu Yentepole;

Publisher: Lontar Foundation

Place of Publication: Jakarta

Publisher URL:

Created: 1999

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