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Akhudiat -

Akhudiat, born on May 5, 1946, is a poet, playwright, and humanist of Indonesian origin. Akhudiat was born in Rogojampi, Banyuwangi, East Java, in a farmer\\\'s family in the village of Karanganyar, District Rogojampi, Banyuwangi. He married Mulyani on November 4, 1974, and has three children, namely: Ayesha (born in 1975), Andre Muhammad (born in 1976), and Yasmin Fitrida (born in 1978).
During the early years of his education, Akhudiat attended the School of the People (Sekolah Rakyat) in Rogojampi, Banyuwangi, and graduated in 1958. He continued school at the First Religious Affairs of Teacher Education (PGAPN) IV Jember, from where he graduated in 1962. Then, he went to school in Malang, while teaching at several junior/high schools, and madarassas. Akhudiat gained a diploma in 1965 from the State Islamic Education (Phin) III Yogyakarta. In 1965, he also joined Acting Course Theater Muslim in Yogyakarta.During the years 1972-1973, he joined the Academy of Journalists Surabaya (AWS), but did not complete his course. Akhudiat also took courses in English at the Indonesian Institute of America (LIA), Soetomo Surabaya, up to advanced level.

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Gender : male

Date of Birth : 5 Mei 1946

Birth Place : Karanganyar, Rogojampi, Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur

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