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This combined vocal and dance performance tradition, originating from East Nusa Tenggara, includes three kinds of dances:

1. Reok Bokoh Dance

Created for leisure purposes when receiving guests from abroad.

2. Rebeca Dance

The instrument used in this dance is made out of the Bongkok that consists of three kinds of rope, the hekna, gewang and, later, the senar, which is made of made out of dried goat intestines. The latter eventually replaced the hekna.This dance is performed when a man proposes to a woman or during other customary celebrations in the Amarasi tribe. The guitar players, who also dance, are young men and women. This dance also tells historical stories of the Amarasi ancestors.

3. Koakiko Dance

The dance was first inspired by the Koak bird that crows or squawks every morning, marking the beginning of a new day. The call of this bird means that farmers must get up to go to work in the field, and women must prepare breakfast for their husbands so that they will get to the field before the sun rises.

Publisher: Lontar Foundation;

Created: 1999

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