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Antologi Drama Indonesia, Jilid 2 (1931-1945)

The plays of the 1930s era were known as “room dramas”—a genre better known for its literary than dramatic quality. It was in these plays that playwrights of the period inserted and disseminated socio-political ideas. The eleven plays found in this volume were written both during the colonial era and the Japanese occupation. Despite tight censorship, dramatists still found ways to foment progressive and nationalistic ideologies.

Creator / Author:  Adlin Affandi   Aoh K Hadimaja   Armijn Pane   Kotot Soekardi   Kwee Tek Hoay   MD Alif   Merayu Sukma   Saadah Alim   Sanusi Pane   Usmar Ismail 

ISBN: 979-99858-3-x

Created: 2019

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