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Raden Durmagati is one of the sons of prabu Destarastra of Astin, and one of the foremost of the Kurawa brothers. In most lakons Durmagati is portrayed as having little or no magical power. However in the Baratayuda, all of the Kurawas are infused with special powers; each has his share of victories, but eventually falls at the hands of the Pandawas.

In general the Kurawas wear splendid costumes and finery and the especially fine batik kain [dress] in the parang rusak design, as a sign of the honored status of their kingdom and of the nobility of each individual.

Duramagati has telengan putih eyes, a large bulbous nose shaped like a shipÂ’s prow, an upturned head and curled lips exposing the gums. He wears a diadem with his hair hanging in the gimbal style. He wears the short ulur-ulur necklace and sekar kluwih ear ornaments, as well as armbands, anklets and bracelets. His batik kain is in the parang rusak design, and is worn over cinde [woven silk] breeches.

(Sumber: Sejarah Wayang Purwa. Hardjowirogo. Jakarta: Perpustakaan Perguruan Kementerian P.P. dan K., 1955)

Penerbit: Lontar Foundation;

Dibuat: 2014

_SOURCEORIGIN: Ki Purbo Asmoro

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