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Antologi Drama Indonesia, Jilid 4 (1969-2000)

The establishment of Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM), the Jakarta Arts Center, in 1968 had a huge impact on the development of the arts in Indonesia. TIM offered venues where playwrights staged plays that relfected the socio-cultural and political contexts of the time. During the years of the Soeharto regime (1966-1998), plays moved away from the pressures and forced realism of the preceding period. By the end of the Soeharto era, however, drama again tended to socio-realism.

Creator / Author:  Afrizal Malna   Akhudiat   Arifin C Noer   Aspar Paturusi   Emha Ainun Nadjib   Ikranagara   Iwan Simatupang   Kuntowijoyo   N Riantiarno   Noorca Marendra Massardi   Putu Wijaya   Ratna Sarumpaet   Rendra   Saini KM   Wisran Hadi   Yudhistira ANM Massardi 

ISBN: 978-979-8083-73-0

Created: 2019

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