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Menagerie 3

Featuring the short stories of Idrus, one of Indonesia’s best known writers, this volume also offers a pictorial essay on East Timor, poetry, and essays on the topic of freedom of expression.

Creator / Author:   Idrus   Bondan Winarno   Danarto   Hanna Rambe   Putu Wijaya   Ratna Indraswari Ibrahim   Seno Gumira Ajidarma   and Titis Basino.  

Translator:  A.L. Reber   Ben Anderson   Claire Siversen   D.W. Roskies   George I. Begley   Hans Van Marle   James S. Holmes   John H. McGlynn   Lisa C. Ho   Mark Cammack   Martyn Cove   Meredith Miller   Mildred E. Wagemann   Pamela Allen   Sandra Hamid   S.U. Nababan   Thomas John Hudak   Tim Behrend   Tim Kortschak. 

Publisher: Lontar Foundation

Place of Publication: Jakarta

Publisher URL:

ISBN: 979-8083-23-7

Created: 1987


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